How To Troubleshoot Avast Account Login Issues?

Why to Login into an Avast Account? 

Users need to access Avast account to use any of its free or premium antivirus services. So, Avast login is necessary to get all the new product updates and for accessing the available software. But there are certain situations when you will not be allowed to log in to your Avast Account. In that case, here are some troubleshooting methods given that you can follow to fix all your errors. 

1. Recover Avast Login Forgotten Password

Pursue the instructions mentioned below to reset a new password for your Avast account: 
  • Access a supported web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari on your device. 
  •  Navigate to the homepage of Avast i.e Here you have to locate Can’t access your account link. You will find this link beside the Remember Me option. 
  • You will arrive at Avast Forgot Your Password window. Here, you just need to input the email address into the space provided. But if you have used Facebook or Google option while creating an account, use that email address only. 
  • On the Please Check Your Email window, click on the Got it button. Now, go to your mail inbox and search the mail with the subject “Forgot Your Password”. 
  • Once you find the mail, open it. The mail provides you a Reset Password button in order to retrieve your password. Click on it and you will be taken to Create Your New Password window. 
  • Here you have to set a strong, tough and memorable password by typing it into its specified field. Then, confirm the password and click on the Set Password button.
  • Then, a success message will be visible on your screen and you will immediately be redirected to the account page. 
  1. Fix the error “My Avast Servers are temporarily down” 

While attempting for Avast Login, you may see this error on your screen. The reason behind this error is Maintenance. In this case, you have to close the Avast website. Then, wait for some time and try to access the website again. If you can’t fix the issue, contact the Avast Support team and the experts will help you in resolving the issue. 
  1. Resolve Authorization Error 400 Issue

This error message will be displayed on your device screen if you are selecting a Login with Google option for accessing your avast account. Also, in this case, you are logged into a google corporate account via Google apps device policy. So, have a look at the below-given two methods for fixing this issue immediately.
  1. Move to the Avast login page. Instead of choosing Login with Google option, manually provide your Avast Email address and password into their assigned fields. Once you have filled the information, click Login. 
  2. Similarly, go to Now, choose Login with Google option. By doing so, a list of Google Accounts will be presented on your screen. Make sure to select a non-corporate Google account for example you can use your personal Google Account. If you will be requested to provide your Google account credentials, give the required details. 


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